I have always had a passion for educating our children, and helping others succeed in life. For the last two years, I have focused my time and energy on promoting locally owned businesses throughout District 84 and Aiken County. I believe to help our local community, it takes us having a strong local economy. When you shop at Aiken County small businesses, you are not helping pay for a CEO’s second vacation home, but instead you are helping our family, friends and neighbors pay an electricity bill, provide dance lessons, participate in youth sports, and feed their families.

I have called District 84 my home for over twenty years, and I am committed to the people of this district; after all, we are family. I sincerely care about what happens in this district because it is where I am raising my four kids, and where I chose to build my business and life. I know the issues people in District 84 face daily, because I face them too.

Although, I do not have past political experience, I am experienced in determination, compassion, and straight-forward commonsense approaches for solving problems. I am an educator, advocate, and businesswoman…not another career politician set on keeping the status quo.

I pledge to you, that I will work day and night to address the issues we face as a community, district, and state. I am determined to make a difference in the district, because I care about the people of District 84. .

If I am elected, you will have a leader that will listen to your issues, challenges, and problems, and not just give you political or partisan rhetoric that does not address your real needs.

I am an independent thinker, and will not be regulated or pressured by any political group or organization. The people of District 84 will be the instruments that guide me.

I hope that you join me in cleaning up Columbia, and making our state government work for the people of District 84 and all South Carolinians.


Jennifer Cook Lariscey

Improve Public Education

I believe one of the best ways to improve the quality of life for District 84 residents is to provide a high quality of education for all students within the district. I also believe a high-quality education is at the core of moving South Carolina forward, and should not be limited to a person’s zip code. As a former educator and mother of four children in Aiken County Public Schools, I am personally invested and committed to supporting our public schools. We are blessed to have one of the best school districts in the state, with high quality education leaders. I will go to Columbia to ensure that we have the necessary support from the Statehouse to continue what we have achieved, while building the core foundation for the education needs of the future.

Strengthen our Local and State Economy

I believe in an all-of-the-above approach for recruiting new jobs, and helping existing businesses in District 84. I saw the need to help local businesses advertise and succeed in this increasingly competitive market, and therefore founded a local newspaper that allows businesses to advertise their services and products to the local community. I believe we must take a community first approach to recruiting and retaining businesses in District 84. I pledge to be a champion for existing and future businesses in District 84, as well as businesses across the state.

In addition, I believe we must continue to adamantly support the farm industry of South Carolina. I will go to Columbia to be a champion of this vital economic driver in our state.

Reform government

Unfortunately, our elected officials continue to disappoint citizens of South Carolina by not addressing the core functions of state government. In addition, ironically it has been Republican leadership in Columbia that continues to pile on new regulations and fees on individuals and businesses in District 84. If elected, I will work every day to eliminate unnecessary state regulations and fees.
I will also work to address the culture of corruption that has been built by current leadership in Columbia. The old system of continuing to elect career politicians that move from one elected office to another has to end in order to move District 84 and our state forward.

Make Healthcare more Affordable and Accessible

I have experienced great loss over the past few years. My husband’s death as a result of an opioid addiction, that grew out of treatment for back problems, has taught me first-hand the holes in our current Healthcare System in South Carolina. It is because of this tragedy that I have become an advocate for better healthcare options and access for families across our state, who are struggling with a healthcare system that is not only increasingly expensive, but one that is becoming more difficult to navigate for patients and their families. I believe in common sense solutions to streamline healthcare and make it more responsive, efficient and accessible to the consumer. It is time we quit playing political games with the lives of South Carolinians. I believe coverage should be expanded so that families have total care, and not relegated to just emergency rooms for healthcare.

Criminal Justice Reform

Every day citizens of District 84 see the good in our criminal justice system; but unfortunately, they also witness the problems and challenges with the system. I believe while we must remain tough on crime, especially violent acts like domestic violence, we shouldn’t use the system to destroy families because of sincere mistakes, especially those non-violent, that may be related to illnesses such as drug and alcohol abuse. We all have family and friends that have dealt with challenges related to these illnesses, and I believe state leaders should show more compassion in helping those impacted rebuild their lives. I whole-heartily believe through faith, treatment, and compassion, we can save those lives instead of turning our back on them.